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About tourism in general
The definition of tourism
Types and forms of tourism
The benefits of tourism
The  negative effects of tourism
Tourism in the 20th century
Environment protection and tourism; sustainable tourism
Tourism-related infrastructure
International and national organizations in tourism: the WTO and the Hungarian National Tourist Office

Jobs and fields of work in tourism

Jobs in tourism; tourism activities that require special qualifications
Qualities and skills that jobs in tourism require
Responsibilities that jobs in tourism carry and activities performed by tour operators/travel agency staff

Types of accommodation

Types of accommodation
Services that hotels provide
The organization and operation of hotels
Hotels: types; classification; services and facilities offered by hotels; factors that contribute to the successful operation of a hotel; the staff; quality assurance at hotels; customer care at hotels; events that hotels might host; luxury hotels; chain hotels in Hungary

Infrastructure and transportation in tourism

Means of transport and their role in tourism
The railway system and the motorway system in Hungary
The influence of  9/11 and international terrorism on air travel
Air travel, budget airlines in Europe and in Hungary Cruise ships

Catering.  The Hungarian cuisine

Traditions and new trends in gastronomy
Establishments in the catering industry
Cultures that have influenced Hungarian cuisine
Hungarian cooking methods
Traditional Hungarian dishes and ingredients
Traditional dishes eaten on special holidays and festivals in Hungary
Gastronomy festivals in Hungary
Eating habits in Hungary
The wines of Hungary
Typical eating habits in the United Kingdom and in the USA<

Tourism in Hungary

Popular types of tourism in Hungary
Problems of Hungarian tourism
Hungary's regions of tourism and their major tourist attractions

Types of tourism in Hungary

Cultural tourism in Hungary

Festivals in Budapest and in the countryside
Built heritage in Hungary
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Hungary

Wine tourism in Hungary

Hungary's wine regions and Hungarian wines
Wine routes in Hungary
Types of tourism that wine tourism can be combined with in Hungary

The benefits of rural tourism in Hungary

Kinds of tourists attracted by rural tourism
Services and programmes  tourists may expect to be offered when spending their holiday in a village

Aqua-tourism in Hungary

Popular water sports on Hungarian lakes and rivers
The tourism of Lake Tisza and Lake Balaton

Cycling tourism in Hungary

Special needs of cycling tourists
Problems of cycling tourism in Hungary
Cycling routes in Hungary
Types of tourism cycling tourism can be combined with

Ecotourism in Hungary

National parks in Hungary

Traditions and problems of equestrian tourism in Hungary

Services offered by riding centres in Hungary

Health, medical and wellness tourism in Hungary

The most important thermal baths/spas in Hungary
Services offered in Hungarian thermal baths/spas
Diseases that Hungary's medicinal waters can heal/alleviate
Types of tourists attracted by Hungary's  medicinal waters
Types of tourism health tourism can be combined with in Hungary
Budapest, the spa capital of Europe
The definition of wellness
Services offered by Hungary's best wellness hotels
Medical tourism in Hungary

Convention tourism in Hungary

Benefits of convention tourism
Types of tourism convention tourism can be combined with in Hungary
Factors that contribute to a successful conference
The typical convention tourist
Responsibilities of professional conference organizer agencies and conference organisers




The Economy

The Hungarian economy
Export and import in Hungary's economy
Advantages and disadvantages of multinational companies versus small family-run businesses
The situation of small enterprises in Hungary
The positive and negative effects of globalization on the Hungarian economy


The Labour Market

Phases of finding a job
Getting information about job vacancies
Documents needed for a job application
Services provided by personnel agencies
The characteristics of a good CV and cover letter
Preparing for a job interview
Questions that interviewees can expect
Visiting job expos
The advantages and disadvantages of working flexi-time versus having a nine-to-five job
The advantages and disadvantages of being a freelance worker versus employed with a fixed salary
The consequences of being unemployed and possible solutions for these problems


Starting a business
Risks of running your own business
The characteristics of a successful company
Qualities and skills of a good manager
General tasks of managers
General structure of a company

Banks and the Stock Market

Services offered by banks
Advantages and possible disadvantages of credit and debit cards
Advantages and disadvantages of paying in cash or by debit card
Applying for a bank loan
Investing money on the Stock Market
What to look for in a stockbroker


The functions of trading
The advantages and disadvantages of export versus import
The advantages and disadvantages of small shops versus supermarkets
Wholesale and retail trade
Domestic and foreign trade
Characteristics of a good sales manager

Marketing and Public Relations

The objectives of marketing
The importance of market research
Effective promotion techniques
Sales promotion
Advantages and disadvantages of direct mail
The role of Public Relations
Characteristics of a good PR manager


The objectives of advertising
Types of advertising
Corporate advertising
The effects of advertisements on people's shopping habits
Advantages and disadvantages of advertising on TV versus on the Internet
Characteristics of a good TV commercial


The role of transport in the economy
Transportation of goods
Factors that influence the modes of transport
Advantages and disadvantages of rail, road and air transport
Environmentally-friendly modes of transport
Traffic problems

Communication and  telecommunication in Business

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional correspondence versus e-mailing
The role of Internet in business
Types of communication within a company
The advantages of personal communication in business
The importance of intercultural communication in business

Trade fairs and trade exhibitions

The role of trade fairs
The role of trade exhibitions
Types of fairs
Attracting visitors at trade fairs

Environmental protection

The need for environment protection
The causes of air, soil and water pollution
Pollution caused by transport
The responsibilities of companies as regards environmental protection
The responsibilities of individuals as regards environmental protection
Selective waste collection

The EU

The advantages and disadvantages of being an EU member state
The advantages and disadvantages of introducing the common currency, the Euro
The advantages and disadvantages of the EU membership from the point of view of a student or an employee
The importance of economic integration

Presentations in Business

The role of presentations in business
The effective presentations
Characteristics of a good presenter
Visual aids and technical equipment used to make effective presentations

Business travel

The purposes of business travel
The importance of knowing other cultures in business
Problems that companies could face if they do not know other cultures
Services used by businessmen during business travel



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